Benchmark Archaeology has unrivalled expertise in the excavation, recording and interpretation of human remains, especially within the context of post-medieval graveyards and cemeteries. Above and below ground we have extensive experience of the safe and efficient recording and excavation or dismantling of funerary monuments and burial structures (eg. tombstones, vaults and brick-lined graves) and the investigation and removal of human remains within intact coffins (eg. lead and multi-shelled). We are also in contact with many leading specialists associated with the analysis of human remains.

Logistical Services
We also provide a range of services to support archaeological fieldwork. We can for instance offer site ‘set-up’ and ‘set-down’ services. This may include overseeing the delivery/return of plant and site accommodation, erection of site boundary fencing or floor-sawing of hard-standing ahead of machine excavation for example. Site visits prior to the commencement of fieldwork can be arranged to advise larger archaeological contractors of access and logistical problems, and to identify potential hazards.

All projects are carried out in accordance with PPG 16 (DOE, 1990) and the guidelines and recommendations issued by The Institute of Field Archaeologists and English Heritage.