Alterations to, and partial demolition or restoration of historic buildings ahead of a proposed development will often require a programme of building recording to establish the form, character, history and development over time of a standing building or complex within its environs and wider context. This will involve a range of non-intrusive techniques

We have particular expertise in the survey and recording of historic buildings. Our services include historic building recording to Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) specifications, desk-based assessments, fabric analysis and interpretation, and report production. We can record, survey and analyse structures and complexes of all functions, architectural styles and periods. As well as investigating buildings, we have experience of overseeing building restoration work in liaison with conservation officers to ensure restoration is in keeping with architectural style.

Historic building recording undertaken by Benchmark Archaeology staff has included surveys of residential, industrial and ecclesiastical buildings. We are especially experienced at investigating the industrial buildings and structures of the West Midlands.

All projects are carried out in accordance with PPG 15 (DOE, 1990) and the guidelines and recommendations issued by The Institute of Field Archaeologists and English Heritage.